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Welcome to the Guilds section. In this section, you can create your very first guild. Guilds are extreamly expensive, but good. Guilds are also known as Usergroups. Guilds are groups of people who can create their own events, battles, and maybe even wars! To create a guild, you must sign up the application below. When your guild has been created, the amount of money it costs to create one will be substracted from your biography. A guild costs a total of 10,000 Rings to create. The paragraph below the application will explain what you can do in your guild and how to do it. But before you can do that, you need to create your guild. All you have to do is copy the application below, and then post it in a new topic and fill it in, as simple as that! Good luck!

Name: (Your guild's name)
Logo: (Your guild's logo)
Karma: (Your guild's karma, either good or evil)
Colour: (Your guild's colour)
Description: (Your guild's description)

In your guild, you can add enemies and allies. To add allies, you must first request to be an ally with that guild, but discussing it with the leader. You can add enemies whenever you like, all you've got to do is post a topic saying that you want to become that guild's enemy. Now, to have a war with a guild, they must first agree (you can also bid on rings which the winning guild gets.) Next, you must battle them using the battle system (more information on this in the How to Play section.) To delete or add members, do what you did with the enemies thing. Post a new topic saying who you want to add or/and remove. You can make ranks in your guild but that's what you do in your guild's own section. Players can donate rings to your guild and it will be added to the guild's rings. Anncounce this in this section too. All rings won from a war goes into the guild's guildography. For any more answer check out the Help section. Have fun!

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