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Post  Sonic on Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:43 pm


Welcome to the Laboratory section. In this section, you conduct special research and create evil, or friendly, experiments and maybe sometimes even create new items and extreame gear. When you attempt to create a new item, you have to explain what you are trying to create. Depending on how good the item is, is how hard it will take to create. If the item you are conducting a very rare, good, and strong item, it has a low chance of the experiment being successful. Also, if it is successful, it could take ages before the experiment is complete. This is what you've got to do, make a sprite of the item, or extreame gear you are creating, then come up with a name. Last and not least you explain what the item/extreame gear does. Errors, levels, formations, and more can also be added. It's your item! Do whatever you want with it. With more errors, the easier the experiment will be to create. And that's it! Just post all that information in one topic, and your done, wait for a member of staff to come by and approve your item. If your object is too good, it may be impossible to make. When your item is complete, it will be sent to the global market. Visit the Global Market section to find out more. All rings used to buy your item will be transfered to your biography. Oh, I almost forgot, only Engineers are allowed to use the Laboratory. Also, every time you use the Laboratory, even if your experiment fails, you need to pay 300 Rings nevertheless.

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