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Sonic Battles

Sonic Battles in Sonic Heroes play a big part. They are used for things like the career itself, guild purposes, and even fooling around with your friends in the Lobby section. Anyway, this topic will briefly point out how to play Sonic Battles. Sonic Battles is firstly when a two (or more) players battle head-to-head in a game or war. Where they fight for glory. Simply, the winner of the battle wins. To start a game, you must first find someone to battle with, next find a referree to ref your battle. Okay, someone goes first, they must then role-play on how they are battling the opponent. Then the next player does the same. After the two players have done an attack each. The ref decides what happened and how much damage was caused between the two. A Sonic Battles example below should explain it more clearly.

Sonic: "Anyone wanna battle, one on one?"
Tails "Alright, I accept. I'll battle you! Let's battle together in the City Top."
Sonic: "Great! Knuckles, can you ref?"
Knuckles: "Sure, why not, Sonic will start."
Sonic: "Okay! Let's begin." Sonic attempts to thump Tails as he corners him between an old wooden box and a dusty broken metropolis bench.
Tails: Tails tried to dodge Sonic's attempt as he jumps out of the way.
Knuckles: Tails fails to dodge as Sonic pounds Tails into a nearby bench. A sharp metal box falls onto Tails' head and breaks.
Sonic - 100%
Tails - 67%
Sonic: Sonic jumps backwards as he makes way for any of Tails' attacks. Sonic next attempts to smash his fist into Tails' stomach.
Tails: Tails makes an attempt to punch his way through as he jumps up.
Knuckles: Tails fortunatly is able to punch his way through Sonic as Sonic tries to jump backwards. Afterwards Sonic makes a blow with his fist into Tail's chest.
Sonic - 82%
Tails - 29%
Sonic: Sonic jumps sidewards and back again. He then pounds Tails.
Tails: Tails tries to defend himself using his arms for defense. He then punches Sonic.
Knuckles: Sonic jumps sidewards into a Speed Level Up and then back again. Sonic then pounds Tails through his defense before he can do anything else. Tails is knocked out.
Sonic - 82%
Speed Level Up
Tails - 0%

That is a simple example on how a Sonic Battles conversation is handled. Players can attempt to dodge attacks and other stuff too. Make your battle unique. Also, players can get levels up to make themselfs more powerful, but it only lasts for that battle, until it is over. Powerups only work for that specific formation. To find out the different stages and their fescription, check out the Sonic Battles section. For further information, check out the Sonic Battles and Help sections.

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