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Sonic Riders

Sonic Riders is one of my personal fabvourites in Sonic Heroes. You buy extreame gear and race other players to become the fastest player of all time. Formations also play a big part, so listen carefully. Extreame gear is the item you use to race with, and they are all powered by air. Extreame gear can be, bikes, boots, but they're mostly boards. Now, the better your extreame gear, the more chance of winning you have, but don't get cockey, all sorts of things can happen in Sonic Riders. When racing, if you run out of air, your piece of hovering extreame gear will fall to the ground and you'll have to start walking. But some players make rules such as; when you run out of air, you retire from the match. So always check any changed rules during an event. If you start walking, you are much slower than other players, thats for sure. But your wondering... how do I get back on my board? Well you can use these things called Pits. If you run into a Pit, you can stay in the Pit for a few seconds and your air will go up. Even though you can leave a Pit at any time during the few seconds, it might be best if you store lots of air with you. Powerups can give you air too, if it is an air powerup. These situations can be used by players on extreame gear too. If you only have a little air left, but your extreame gear is still hovering, then you might wanna use a pit or try to find an air powerup nearby. Now, air can also be lost by boasting. You can boast as many times as you like, (if you have the air for it) but it wastes a whole lot of air. If you turn a sharp corner, you might want to powerslide. This also wastes a lot of air but is always recommended. If you are on extreme gear, you can perform tricks when you get onto a ramp. Depended on how good your trick was you'll recieve a rank for it. The better the rank was the more air you'll recieve for it. The ranks go in this order, from worst to best. C, B, A, AA, S, SS, X. If you get a C rank, it means you failed to land properly, so you don't get any air for it. You can add up your points on your ranks and some events may say; whoever gets the most points wins. What tehy mean is you need to perform the most, and best tricks to win. C - 0, B - 1, A - 2, AA - 4, S - 6, SS - 8, X - 10. So add up your points and compare them with your friends. Now I think that basicly covers it for air. Let's move onto turbalances. If a player is going fast enough, he or she will create a turbalance behind him/her. A turbalance is a strip of wind which blows towards that player. A turbalance will last for a long time if the player keeps going ultimatly fast. If you get caught in the turbalance, that is good, because if you ride inside a turbalance you will go at their speed towards their direction, and plus, you don't lose any air. Great, huh? You can perform tricks in a turbalance but moving towards the edges of a turbalance. You will recieve ranks, and air aswell. So look at for them, they're quite common if you are behind. Okay time to talk about rings. Rings can be obtained in powerups throughout the course. But you'll only recieve about 5 or 10. There are also rings on the course, so accuratly ride on a row of rings and you could get a lot. If you get attacked, you will lose all your rings. You can attack other players by boasting at them while on your extreame gear. You may find thee ultimate 100 rings powerup which is very rare. You can only get 100 rings maximum in a match. When you finish a match, all the rings collected at the end will be added to your biography. So look out for them. Also, if you get 30 rings, you will gain a level to level 2. When you get to 60 rings, you will gain another level to level 3. Level 3 is the highest you can get up to in a match. The higher your level, you more air you can take and store. Also, if you are low and air and you gain a level, all your air will be restored. Levels increase the power and speed of your attack aswell. There are hidden areas in some of the tracks, check out the current tracks and their descriptions in the Sonic Riders section. Some extreme gear might be slower than others, but some may have special atributes. Engineers can create their own extream gear in the Laboratory. Now let's speak about formations. Depending on your formation, you can access different things throughout the map. If you are Speed, you can grind and ride pipes which will sometimes get you to special areas and thus make the possibilities of your winning higher. Power types can knock and punch things out of the way. If they smash a weakened wall, or maybe a bunch of creates or barrels, they could bash through it and maybe get infront of all the other players, and if not then he/she will at least have a better chance of winning. If there is a multicolour extended ring infront of a ramp, Fly type characters can fly majesticly through the ring. The magical ring boasts the player forward. Sometimes into another multicoloured ring, and so on. Until you are on the course again and probably very far ahead, hopefully.You must try to guide yourself through multicoloured rings you might miss one. OKay, so thats what different formations enable. Remember that, you can never change your formation. Good luck and have fun Sonic Riding!

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