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Post  Sonic on Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:36 am


Welcome to the Shops section. In this section, you can create and manage your own, or current shop. Shops are useful for other players and can be very profitable. If you are a shop owner, you can buy items from the global market for cheap prices and sell them for high prices. That's how you make your profit. New items will come available to you as they're invented by Engineers. Below you will find the application needed to be filled in to create your own shop. If you don't have 25,000 Rings then stop right away! The price of a new shop is 25,000 Rings. So don't go any further unless you have 25,000 Rings.

Name: (Your shop's name)
Logo: (Your shop's logo)
Description: (Your shop's description)

If you would like to change the description, or logo of your shop, please post it here. Also, use this section to anncounce that your hiring new workers but you should host the applications yourself. The advantage of workers is, that they can come and help you run the shop. Like advitise, make inventions only available for you, etc.

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