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Post  Sonic on Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:20 am


Welcome to the Careers section. In this section, you can create a Career. A Career will take you long to create, and they are very important. Joining a career is free, but it costs 50,000 Rings to create one. Your career can be based on absolutly anything! Maybe it's where players race and there are highscores, rules, and everything. You must think of a lot of things, like the rules, highscores, tracks, and all that type of stuff. You make your profit by holding events such as grand prix, maybe there's an entry fee? I don't know, it's your career. All you've got to do is publish this application and fill it in. Remember to make your career unique.

Name: (Your career's name)
Logo: (Your career's logo)
Description: (Your career's description)
How to Play: (How to play your career)
Rules: (Your career's rules)
Information: (Any additional information on your career)

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