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Post  Sonic on Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:18 am


Welcome to the Rules topic. In this topic, you will learn the very basic rules in Sonic Battles. Remember these are not the forum rules, you should always follow the forum rules, these rules should only be followed if you are a member of Sonic Battles. Failure to abide the rules can get you suspened or banned from Sonic Battles. So be careful.

1. Do not break the rules
2. Do not harrass other members
3. Always listen to what the ref says
4. Always be a fair ref
5. Never add any additional rules of your own unless the opposite player agrees with you
6. Do not give yourself free levels
7. Do not impersonate the owner
8. Always play by the ref's rules
9. Do not obtain any more than 3 powerups
10. Have fun

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