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Post  Sonic on Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:47 am


Welcome to the Arenas topic. In this topic, you can view a vivid and breif description of each arena available. More arenas will soon be constructed and able to be battled in.

City Top
City Top is a beutiful metropolis powered by flowing energy. The cars are powered by solar enery enabling them to fly. The pretty blue town is surrounded by high-powered electricity.

Casino Ring
Casino Ring is a Las Vegas arena fetured in being a high powered casino. The theme is very noisy and vivid. The great red technology scene is surrounded by a strong smell covering the whole arena.

Turtle Shell
The great turtle shell is a great green scene featured on a huge turtles back. The shining water around it gives it that extra touch. The extream peacefulness gives it that effect on the sea bed. This glisining beach is a nice tropical island.

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