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Welcome to the Highscores page. In this section, you can check on who is the champion of what in Sonic Riders. Highscores are recorded for: Racing Rampage Champion, Board Battle Champion, Grand Prix Champion, Extreme Gear Engineering Champion, And Sonic Riders Legend. The information below will explain how different Highscores are earnt and their current champions. Remember that the Highscores are updated every Saturday, Enjoy!!

Racing Rampage Champion: Nobody.
Earnt: Earn the most wins in Racing Rampage than anybody else.

Board Battle Champion: Nobody.
Earnt: Earn the most wins in Board Battle than anybody else.

Grand Prix Champion: Nobody.
Earnt: Earn the most wins in the Grand Prix than anybody else.

Extreme Gear Engineering Champion: Nobody.
Earnt: Invent the most Extreme Gear in the Laboratory.

Sonic Riders Legend: Nobody.
Earnt: Earn the most points than anybody else by attempting tricks and earning ranks.

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