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Post  Sonic on Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:52 pm


Below you can view and examine the rules of Sonic Heroes. You should always keep these in mind to make sure you don't get banned or suspended from Sonic Heroes. You should come up with ways in which you can prevent yourself from getting a ban. Try to avoid rule breaking at all costs. If you are angry with someone, don't retalliate, report them. Serious action will be put on this player for breaking the rules no matter what! If minor rules are broken, you may just get a warning or something. Get too many warnings and you could get suspened or even banned! Breaking major rules can get you an immediate suspension or mayeb even a ban, so try avoiding breaking any rule at all!

1. Do not break the rules
2. No Sexistism
3. No Racistism
4. No Ageistism
5. No Swearing
6. No Spamming
7. Do not harrass other players
8. Do not give yourself free rings
9. Do not give yourself free items
10. Do not give yourself free shops, careers, or guilds
11. No Cheating
12. Do not impersonate Moderators
13. Do not impersonate Administrators
14. No Advitising
15. Have Fun

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